Monday, June 18, 2012

Is it a Korean Culture? Korean Men Beat Up Women

Question today comes from Gina:

I saw one Korean man stated that in Korean he is the King! Women are slaves. Korean men beat up women. And I saw this article where Korean men beat up Chinese women in KFC. Is this a culture n to day world?



Hi Gina,

Beating another human being is not a culture. It's a bad behaviour.

We tend to stereotype and conclude only a certain group of people have certain traits. Examples:
  • Latino men are chauvinistic.
  • Asian women are stuck-ups.
  • Asian people are good at math and science.
  • Los Angeles girls are fit or skinny.
And we all know these are not true. 

I hope that you, and anyone reading this thread, understands that bad human behaviour of a small group of people does not make it culture of the entire group of people. It's a dangerous generalization.

On the same topic, there are a couple of expressions that reflects Korean culture and their views about violence against the weak in general:
  • The weak and the arrogant resort matters with violence.
    (능력 없는 놈이 주먹질로 해결하려고 든다). 

If that someone is a woman or a child, they were referred as 
  • "A bastard who does not deserve his balls"
    (불알이 아까운 놈)
So if you must ask if beating a woman is Korean culture, the answer is no. Based on the general ethics on this issue, it seems that it's exactly the opposite.

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